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Angus Dunnington, John Emms: Attacking with 1.d4 & 1.e4

ca. 3-4 Tage ca. 3-4 Tage (Ausland abweichend)

Everyman Chess, paperback, Englisch, ISBN: 978-1-78194-390-8, 162 Seiten, 2017.

Attacking with 1.d4 & 1.e4

- All Possible defences to 1.e4 and 1.d4 are covered
- Written by renowned openings experts

Tired of playing the same old openings? Worried about having to learn too much theory? Then these are the books that you are looking. Brought together for the first time in one volume, International Master Angus Dunnington presents you with an all-new and attacking repertoire based on the move 1.d4 while Grandmaster John Emms offers a new arsenal of opening weapons with which to attack your unsuspecting opponents. Dunnington concentrates on constructing easy-to-learn systems against all of Black’s possible defences, choosing lines that are fun to play, easy to learn and will pose your opponents with lots of problems. In each case learning ideas is more important than memorising long variations, so these repertoires should be ideal for players who don’t have the luxury of being able to spend countless hours studying theory.

Angus Dunnington is an experienced International Master from England with many successful tournament results to his name. He is a knowledgeable chess coach and has been the trainer for English juniors at many World Championships.
John Emms is one of England’s strongest Grandmasters and was a member of the English team which played in the 2000 Chess Olympiad in Istanbul. He has carved out a reputation for being an excellent chess writer and his numerous works under his name.